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Christmas Tips For Retailers

How much business will slip past your store this Christmas?  How many opportunities will be lost?  How can you make sure this doesn’t happen?

The purpose of this site is to help retailers like you, and all of your team including the casuals and first-timers, to make the most of Christmas.  Not just from a gross profit and sales perspective but also making sure it is an enjoyable, entertaining, uplifting experience for customers and the people serving them.

Christmas Snippets introduces topics, tips and ideas included stimulating comments from retailers like you on what you’ve tried, what worked well, even what you wouldn’t do again and why. I’d love your input on this segment.

Related Articles includes articles from other retailers, retail consultants, and writers on how to make the most of Christmas opportunities.  So, if you read any good articles in association newsletters or retail trade publications, please do send them in so we can share them with your fellow retailers.  Of course, always include the source so that we can give proper acknowledgment and make it easy for others to access the publication.

I hope visiting this t te will help you to make a difference in the lead up to this Christmas and any other promotional event.  May your cash registers jingle, your team be full of Christmas cheer, and your customers are thrilled and delighted that they decided to shop in your store.

Aussie Christmas Statistics

The Australian Bureau of Statistics has released some interesting facts and figures on some of Australia’s Christmas characteristics.

In 2008, Santa will visit 3.2 million Australian families with children under the age of 15.

Most children live in New South Wales (1.3 million), Victoria (950,400) and Queensland (806, 500) where Santa will be kept especially busy.

Santa will be delivering some 37 million stuffed toys (worth more than $70 million) and 12 million dolls (worth $54 million) which were imported to Australia as at November 2008.

21,099 Australians traveled overseas on Christmas Day 2007, of that 8,605 were to visit family and friends and 12,494 for holidays. There were also 15,114 short-term visitors arriving in Australia on Christmas Day 2007, with 9,952 arriving for a holiday and 5,162 visiting friends and family.

Last Minute Christmas Tips

Your staff are weary; your customers are stressed and mad at themselves for leaving things to the last minute… again.  It’s time for SUPER YOU to come to the rescue!

Each remaining day of the Christmas countdown, and in the frantic first couple of days of the post-Christmas sales arrange for really good snack, sandwiches, smoothies, and energy drinks to be supplied to your team on a regular basis to fit with their rosters.

Be visible, congratulate them for the great work they are doing.  Encourage them to think positive thoughts about their customers.

Get them to congratulate cranky customers each time they tick another item off their shopping lift and invite customers to return in the new year when you can take the time to serve them well.

A Christmas Quiz to Energise Your Store

It’s time to energize your staff and customers.  Prepare a Christmas Quiz with 10 questions.  Every staff member is given a sheet with the questions, and they have to complete it with all the answers and hand them in at the end of their shift.  Reward them for this with a gift, perhaps Christmas chocolates or something that’s fun.

This will mean they need to interact with customers to get them to help in answering the questions (they could even tempt the customers by saying “come back tomorrow, and I’ll reward you with one of my chocolates.”

Below you will find ten potential questions.  If you don’t like them, that’s OK, replace the ones you don’t like with your own.  If you do use them, Click here for the answers.

  • Give 2 other names for Santa.
  • What country does the tradition of Christmas come from?
  • Why are Santas’s clothes red and white?
  • Name Santa’s 8 Reindeer (No, Rudolph doesn’t count).
  • Santa’s preferred mode of entry?
  • What is the most popular Christmas tree topper?
  • In what year were electric Christmas lights first used – 1895, 1905, 1909?
  • In 1647 which country’s parliament passed a law that made Christmas illegal?
  • Austrian priest Joseph Mohr wrote which popular Christmas carol in 1818?
  • Is the 12 days of Christmas an English song?

A John Lewis Christmas story

Believe it or not, John Lewis department stores in the UK are actually expected to identify at least one example of a ‘random act of kindness’ in their branch each month.  It’s a most unusual KPI that helps differentiate them from their competitors and create legendary service stories.  These stories are then shared thus reinforcing the service culture.  Here is a Christmas example.

It was a frantically busy day in the lead up to Christmas at their Southampton store. A staff member was helping a lady carry her shopping out to her MG sports car.  So much shopping that she couldn’t close the little boot on the car.  He took off his tie, tied down the boot, farewelled the customer and carried on with his work.

Isn’t that a wonderful example?  No dilly-dallying when he was needed elsewhere, and yet he executed a simple act of gallantry.  Akin to Sir Francis Drake laying his cape (with a flourish) on a puddle so that Queen Elizabeth I didn’t get her feet wet.